Create and achieve your family’s travel bucket list!

World is Wide is here to help you on your journey to create and complete your family travel goals! And along the way, we will also share our family’s travel bucket list progress. If your family is interested in creating a travel bucket list, or you have already created one, World is Wide is here to inspire, support and equip you. Keep checking back as we add more features!

For more information about travel tools and strategies, you can find that in our traveler tools section.

We also share the progress on our family’s travel bucket list, which includes:

  • to see all 50 states in the United States,
  • to explore more of our own “backyard” (Minnesota and surrounding area)
  • to visit all seven continents,
  • to see as many scenic vistas, mountains, and national parks as we can along the way, and
  • to ride as many zip lines as we can along the way.

Why create travel goals?

People who create travel goals are more likely to achieve them. It gives their travels more purpose. And anyone can do it!

Your family’s travel bucket list could be as simple as having your family visit every park in your city. Or visiting every state park in your state. If you’re really ambitious, your family’s travel goals can be massive, like visiting every country on Earth. Or anywhere in between those examples. Maybe your goals are activity-based, like watching a baseball game in every major league stadium. Maybe you would like to participate in competitions around the country or the world.

The possibilities are endless. The important thing is to make goals and start tracking them!

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