About Me

I am a public health professional with a husband, two teens, a dog and five guinea pigs who lives in Minnesota, USA. I am obsessed with our planning our next vacation, and I am often planning several vacations in advance. People are often asking my advice not just about vacations, but about the organizational tools I use in my life. (My massive summer camp spreadsheet is a hit among the working mom set! 🙂 ) So far I have hit four of the seven continents.

World is Wide

1972, Glacier National Park. I’m the little one on the run.

Growing up with parents who were successful small business owners was a true blessing. I learned so much from them about hard work, focus, how to treat customers, and prioritization. And despite not having any other staff for their store (and therefore not having any income when the doors were locked), they closed up for two weeks every summer to take my sister and I on a road trip vacation. The value they placed on showing us the world really impacted how I parent today and how much our family prioritizes travel.

family travel map

You can take a girl out of her parents’ business, but I guess you can’t take the business out of the girl. In addition to travel writing, I own World is Wide Decor and Keepsakes, where we sell primarily travel-themed keepsakes we create on our laser engraver. I remember the joy of customers who received gifts from my parents’ jewelry business. Now I get the same satisfaction when creating the perfect personalized gifts for travel lovers!