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Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better.

~ Simon Raven


What You Will Find:

World is Wide helps people create and achieve their family travel bucket list goals. To that end, this blog contains the following information:

  • We share our family’s travel bucket list goals and our progress toward achieving our goals in the section titled Our Family’s Travel Adventures. This section is broken down into our family’s five travel goals We also explain in this area why we chose each of our travel goals.
  • Our Family Travel Bucket Lists section will equip you with more information about how to create and accomplish your family’s travel bucket list.
  • The Traveler Tools contains a wealth of tools that can be used by any kind of traveler, regardless of your destination, length of time away, or what kinds of accommodations you want to frequent. We also recommend some of our favorite travel gear.

And our store is live! We are thrilled to bring travel-themed keepsakes to our fellow travel lovers!


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