All the Rage, Savage

All the Rage: Savage’s Party Headquarters

July 4, 2019

Want to host a Pinterest-worthy celebration? Think you have to buy all of those (bulky, expensive) decorations in order to make it happen? Think again! Savage, Minnesota is home to one of the most fun, creative sources for entertainment decorations you’ll find anywhere. All the Rage, a proud member of the Savage Chamber of Commerce, rents out top-notch decorations for any party or event you are hosting!

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All the Rage, Savage

Nautical theme for local Laker graduations, All the Rage, Savage

How All the Rage Came to Be

All the Rage started as many now-famous businesses did…in a garage. About nine years ago, two young moms started by selling home decor stored in their garage. As good businesses do, they adapted to the demand, in this case for party decor, and the business took off. The business has had its own storefront now for about four years.

In November 2018 Lynda Kilian took over the business when one of the original owners moved out of state for their husband’s job. An empty nester looking for a business opportunity, possibly related to events, Lynda took over her neighbor’s business, and the rest is history.



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What They Offer

All the Rage offers rentals of party and event decor, from weddings to graduations, birthdays to galas, graduations to proms. While most event rental places offer tables, chairs, and linens, All the Rage focuses on the beautiful decor details to make an event extra special.

According to Lynda, rustic and vintage items are still extremely popular, especially for weddings. What people love about All the Rage is that they can rent these beautiful touches without worrying about having to sell or store them after the event.

Lynda’s favorite part of this business is helping people who don’t know how to put all of the pieces of an event together for a memorable look and feel. She also had a lot of fun recently helping with the overwhelming task of providing decor for a local prom.

Here are a just a few pictures of some of the items on display. What you don’t see here is their inner sanctum with, and I do not exaggerate when I say this, MASSIVE quantities of other seasonal and other decor stashed back in their storage area behind the main displays. 

All the Rage, Savage

All the Rage, Savage

How to Follow Them

All the Rage is found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. But trust me, a visit to their store at 4825 W. 124th St. in downtown Savage is a treat! Lynda will set you up with an event to remember.

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