Canyon Forest Parcours Aventures in Villeneuve-Loubet France: Our Review

April 27, 2018

One of our family’s travel bucket list goals is to ride as many zip lines as possible during our journeys. This ropes course in the French Riviera was full of challenging obstacles, culminating with a great long zip line at the end!

For more details about my zip line rating system, please see this page.

Date of Our Experience

We explored Canyon Forest in June 2015. It was part of a two-week trip to Italy and France that included four days in the French Riviera.

Cost, Location and Details:

Details about Canyon Forest can be found at their website. Admission is currently € 26 (about $31 USD). This is a very reasonable price for a three-hour adventure that includes obstacles and a great zip line.


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Type of Adventure:

Canyon Forest is primarily a ropes course. Most ropes courses offer a lot of crossings from one point to another. This one was no exception, but the crossings were really unique and varied, including one particularly treacherous one where you had to crab walk through tilted tubes. Talk about engaging your core! I am not sure if it was actually included in our entrance, but the staff did let us ride a quite long zip line at the end of the course. It was the first time any of us had rode one, and we were hooked!

What was also great about this course is that you really felt like you were in the trees going through it. It was very green and lush (and shady).

Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Experience Level:

This adventure is great for new and experienced adventurers. There are size and age requirements for this adventure, so make sure you check those on their website. 

Staff will provide assistance with putting on your harnesses and helmets, and they will also provide a very thorough training at the beginning (in English). But after that, this is a self-guided experience. There is no staff to accompany you through the obstacles or hook you on or off obstacles. Make sure everyone in your party is double-checking their caribiners and practicing safety!

I am personally not as into ropes courses as I am zip lines, but this course was so varied and extensive — not to mention scenic within a beautiful forest –that I can honestly say it was really a great experience.

Other Features:

The actual course is about a mile from the ticket area in town, so they offer bike rentals to get you back there faster. I don’t remember whether they offered bike helmets. 

Also, not within the park, but there were some food stands right outside the park. The food may not have actually been great, but we were so hungry that the crepes tasted amazing!

Overall Rating:


If you find yourself in the south of France, looking for fun family entertainment (or just a change of pace from the beaches), this place was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it!