Childhood Family Travel Memories: Stephanie from Consistently Curious

This week’s childhood family travel memories interview is with Stephanie from Consistently Curious. Road trip adventures (both the real experiences and the bogus stories written in lodging guest books by her father) shaped her love of road trips and off-the-beaten-path adventures with her own family. You can find more childhood family travel stories, as well as our family travel goal stories here. A bit about Stephanie:  Stephanie traded the whirlwind of the sales and marketing world for the cyclone of full-time motherhood.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, she is always on the lookout for unique experiences, adventures, and family outings. She wants to inspire the same love of travel in her daughter which she herself developed at an early age. She started her family travel blog to document their journeys and to inspire others to make lasting memories.   What kind of travel experiences did your family do growing up?   As a big family, our travel experiences were always road trips. Hitting the highway at all hours of the morning and night, with the hope to be at our destination at a reasonable hour the next day.  I loved to pack my bag with goodies for the road, follow along … Continue reading Childhood Family Travel Memories: Stephanie from Consistently Curious