Family Travel Goal Story: Jennifer from A Thankful Traveler

June 6, 2018

My first family travel goal interview is with Jennifer, blogger at A Thankful Traveler. A Thankful Traveler is a blog sharing discounts, deals, trip itineraries and travel adventures with family and friends. Jennifer is a Physical Therapist from Minnesota and loves to share info to inspire others to travel.

And can I say how jealous I am of the upcoming trips they have planned?! 🙂


Does your family have any travel goals? If so, what are they?

Our family has a goal to visit all 50 United States and as many Canadian Provinces as possible by the time the kids graduate from high school. This had not really been a formal goal until we were able to visualize it when we came across a magnet board while camping.  We buy a magnet for each state we visit and our goal is to complete the board. The kids really got excited too when they were able to visualize what we were doing.

Our other more general goal is to just take every opportunity we can during school breaks to explore and spend time together.  Because our two oldest are in high school, we are feeling like our time with them is limited and going by too fast.

Why did your family choose these travel goals?

We chose this goal to help make the world seem smaller and to help the kids see all the opportunities and different careers out there so as they move from high school to college they can be open to all new experiences.  Whether they chose to live close to where they grew up or find a job/college far away, they will know what is out there and not be afraid.

What excites you most about your family’s travel goals?

Our goal allows us to slow down and enjoy being together.


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What does your family love most about traveling?

We love exploring new places to fish..we often bring our rods with wherever we go.  We also love learning about different places and people and ways of life.

What’s been your family’s favorite trip so far? Why?

The kids like road trips the best.  It is a great opportunity to spend quality time together. They actually don’t mind spending hours in the car together.  I think it is good for them learn patience with each other.

What trips do you have planned in the short term? Any big trips coming up?

We are crossing 10 states and provinces off the list this summer with a road trip to Maine.  The kids chose this area because they were excited to put more magnets on the board. We also have a European trip planned for next summer which has been a goal for 5 years with a group of friends.

Since you are The Thankful Traveler, what about traveling makes you most thankful?

We are thankful that we are healthy enough and have the time and resources to create opportunities. We have had several times when we thought our travel days might be over…so appreciate even more that they are not.

We are so thankful for the people that make travel possible and create positive experiences…from flight attendants, pilots, hotel front desk workers, hotel housekeeping staff…the list goes on. We are especially thankful for these people.  They are working hard everyday to make our vacations wonderful and memorable. When we travel we get to meet these wonderful hard -working people. When we can stop and appreciate them it makes our vacation experience even better.

Tell us more about your blog, A Thankful Traveler. Where can people find your blog on social media?

I love to share deals and discounts to make travel more attainable for others.

I love to share itineraries that I have put together to make it less work and stress for someone else.

I love to share trip reports to inspire others to travel to places that we visit.  

I love to share personal experiences of gratitude we encounter as we travel.

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