Raven’s Rim Zip Line Adventure in Moab, Utah: Our Review

March 20, 2018

We had a blast at Raven’s Rim Zip Line Adventure in Moab, Utah! For more details about my zip line rating system, please see this page.

(Note: We did not request, nor did we receive, any free or discounted rates from this business. I also did not inform them of my status as a travel blogger.)

One of our family’s travel bucket list goals is to ride as many zip lines as possible during our journeys, and this one was really fun.

Date of Our Experience

We experienced the awesomeness that is Raven’s Rim in March, 2018. I would highly recommend traveling to this area in spring or fall, as summers are beastly hot!

Cost, Location and Details:

Details about Raven’s Rim can be found at their website. At the time we went, we paid $134 per adult and $99 per child, which is on the high end of what we’ve paid at other zip lines. Based on our experience, we felt the experience at Raven’s Rim justified the extra expense.


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Type of Adventure:

The highlight of this adventure is the zip lines, six of them, including two that were over a quarter-mile long. Six is a pretty typical number of lines compared to other zip line places, in our experience. But Raven’s Rim’s longest lines were by far the longest we have ever ridden.

Here are a few pictures of the lines.

Plenty of thrill for even experienced zip liners!

In addition, the adventure includes a pretty harrowing 20-minute 4WD experience in a UTV up and down rocky, sandy hills to get to the lines. If you’re not used to taking rides in 4WD vehicles off the beaten path, this might be a white-knuckle experience for you. It was even pretty concerning for my husband, who is an experienced 4WD guy. This ride definitely took the “fear factor” of the experience up a few notches and gave participants a chance to experience a short off-road adventure in Moab. A bit of a two-fer.

There is no ropes course feature at Raven’s Rim.

Experience Level:

This adventure is great for both new and experienced zip liners. We had three staff members for the group of nine participants that went that day. Ron, Mike, and Nate were professional and fun. You could tell they love what they do. They did all the driving, and they attached our harnesses to the lines and unhooked us at the end.

Other Features:

The views from these zip lines are spectacular! You get a panoramic view of the Moab area from the zip line area, and the guides are good at pointing out geological and geographic features.



There is also a pretty cool suspension bridge you take to get to the 4th line, I think.


Overall Rating:


This was a solid experience for both new and  experienced zip liners. And if you’re in Moab, chances are you might be game for riding in an ATV up and down a crazy set of rocks.