Summer Camp Options Spreadsheet

Summer Camp Options Spreadsheet

As a family with two kids and two working parents, summer camps are a reality for our kids’ summers. After a summer or two of tearing my hair out, trying to plan and track all the camps, I created a spreadsheet for managing summer camp planning, registration, and tracking what was happening each week throughout the summer. I can’t even tell you how much time and frustration this tool saved me.

Every time I mentioned to friends, neighbors, or colleagues that I had created this summer camp spreadsheet, they instantly asked for a copy. That’s when I knew that 1) I wasn’t alone in the summer camp struggle, and 2) I had a tool that could really help families get their summer schedules under control.

My Summer Camp Options Spreadsheet can help you:

  • Consolidate summer camp information (costs, website, weeks available) in one place
  • See what camps are available on which weeks, factoring in family vacations and other activities
  • Identify which camps work best on which weeks by easily comparing to your other childrens’ schedule
  • Track whether you have registered for camps and how much they cost
  • Easily see at a glance what each week of summer holds for your family

Want to see the Summer Camp Options spreadsheet in action? Click on the short video below for a quick overview of how it works.

View spreadsheet video here

As one user of my Spreadsheet said…

And another user said…

Do you need this perfect life hack to tame your summer chaos? Purchase of the Excel spreadsheet comes with a link to an in-depth 12-minute video with tips for how I’ve actually used the spreadsheet, along with customization ideas for you!

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