The Best Packing Cubes for Travel: Eagle Creek

June 16, 2018

One of our secrets to packing light is using packing cubes and garment folders to keep our clothes organized and compact in our bags. Learn more about why we love packing cubes and garment folders, and which packing cubes work best for us.

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Why use packing cubes and garment folders?

My husband and I have used Eagle Creek packing cubes and garment folders for nearly twenty years. In fact, we’ve never had to replace the original ones we bought back then! To say they are durable is an understatement, as they are packed up tight with stuff every time we take them on a trip.

Here is why we love packing cubes and garment folders:

  • Packing cubes keep your clothes organized: Since we started using them years ago, we have bought additional cubes for us and the kids. We have sets in multiple colors, so at a glance we know whose clothes are in which cube. It’s also nice not to have smaller clothing items, like socks and underwear, floating around randomly in your bag. Best of all, if you go in and out of your luggage, you can move the cubes around without destroying your packing job.
  • Packing cubes and garment folders keep your clothes and items more compact: When packed, packing cubes can be stacked and crammed in ways that save room in your bag while still keeping your stuff organized.
  • Garment folders reduce wrinkling: These things are awesome, especially for shirts and pants. Because your clothes are held tight and aren’t jostled, they don’t wrinkle in the garment folder. And as noted above, you can keep your non-wrinkled clothes in a compact holder that takes up less space than without them.

Happy Packing!


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Our Eagle Creek Packing Cubes and Garment Folders

Packing Cubes:

Below are packing cubes that are either identical to or close to the cubes we own. Note that there are several different color choices to choose from for all of these models.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Luggage Pack-it Clean Dirty Cube

These packing cubes are very similar to the cubes we have had and used for about 20 years. They have mesh on the top, so you can see what is inside at a glance. This style with the mesh are especially good if you want to store dirty laundry in them at the end of the trip, as the netting keeps air flowing. We really like this medium size, but they make them in larger and smaller sizes as well.




Eagle Creek Pack It Specter Cube Set

These are the cubes we bought for our kids for our trip to Europe. We used the larger cubes for pajamas, shorts and rolled-up t-shirts, then the medium and small cubes for swimsuits, underwear and socks. We have these sets in blue and green so we can color-code whose clothes are in which cubes. These cubes have been used pretty viciously on trips to Europe, California and Utah (as well as many trips out of state to visit family), and they look as great as the day we bought them.





Garment Folders:

Eagle Creek Pack It Garment Folder, Medium

We still use the same garment folders we bought almost 20 years ago, too. Ours are nearly identical to this. Our plastic board is a little cracked after 20 years of hard use, but it still works for us. You just follow the instructions for how to use the board to fold your clothes, then put the board on top of your folded clothes before closing up the folder. Easy peasy, and your clothes don’t get wrinkled!



Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Garment Folder Large

Same gear as above, just in a larger size. Depending on the size and the volume of the clothes you anticipate packing, the larger option might be better for you. We have a few in each size so we can choose the best ones to use for each trip.







And if you’re game to buy both packing cubes and garment folders, Eagle Creek has a starter kit that might be just the ticket for you!

Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set

This set contains a medium garment folder and a small and medium packing cube.  









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