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The Best Travel Jacket: SCOTTeVEST

December 31, 2018

On our last trip to Europe, my husband and I decided we didn’t want to mess around with the security of our passports and money while wandering through train stations and busy streets. I’d been on a trip where one of my fellow travelers had her passport stolen. No fun. And my husband is naturally very safety-conscious. We have tried (and disliked) money belts and the pouches you put under your shirts. They are too awkward to access for our tastes. After doing a fair amount of research and reading lots of customer reviews, we each invested in SCOTTeVEST outerwear. Below is an explanation of what I love about them.

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scottevest travel jacket

Me and my SCOTTeVEST zip lining in France!


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Unfortunately, the Sterling model of jacket that I purchased is no longer available. However, SCOTTeVEST now makes a Standard jacket that appears almost identical to mine (with 25 pockets, two more than the 23 in my Sterling). I feel comfortable enough with the quality of mine to recommend any of their travel products.

What is a SCOTTeVEST Travel Jacket?

SCOTTeVEST products are known for their high quality products designed for travel. They are famous for their pockets, lots and lots of secure inner pockets in which to stash all kinds of valuables, electronics, and documents. They obviously make jackets and vests, but they also have hoodies, cardigans, rain jackets, and more.


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What I Love About My SCOTTeVEST Jacket

This is the Standard SCOTTeVEST, which is very similar to mine. There are many features about it that make it the ideal travel jacket.

Pockets: As I mentioned, the Standard SCOTTeVEST has 25 different secure internal pockets. According to the product description, the pockets are “designed to hold phones, tablets, wallets, keys, drone accessories, water bottles, sunglasses, camera accessories, GoPros, Amazon Kindle, external batteries, dog treats, leashes, and much more.” There is at least one RFID protected pocket. And get this, there is even a pocket large enough to hold an iPad or Surface Pro!

Accessibility: When it is time to pay for something or grab my phone, it is so handy to just reach into one of these internal pockets. I do not look fondly back at the days when I was digging a belt pouch out of my pants. Awkward. 

Sleek look: Despite its ability to hold all this stuff, the jacket maintains a sleek look without looking too bulky. It’s fairly magical.

Versatility: The Standard jacket has zip-off sleeves (as did my Sterling jacket) so you can wear it as a vest in warmer weather. I wore mine as a vest for our whole trip to Europe, which was in the summer. Our next large international trip may be a winter trip, so I can layer up underneath and keep the sleeves on.

Lightens my load: With so many items being carried in my vest, my purse or day pack are not as heavy and therefore not digging into my shoulders. There is nothing worse than having bag straps digging into your shoulders all day.

Security: It is so great to not worry about whether my purse or day pack would be snatched from me. Well, I still worry about them a bit, but at least when I have on my SCOTTeVEST they don’t have vital or expensive items in them!

Quality: The quality of this jacket is really fantastic. It’s soft but durable and well-made.

If this jacket is not sexy enough for you, then honey, you are on the wrong blog. World is Wide is not a fashion blog. Traveling securely is the new sexy! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have my valuables and money on my person, easy for me to access but nearly impossible for a pickpocket to grab.


Other SCOTTeVEST Options

I love my SCOTTeVEST so much that I am planning to invest in some more pieces from them. I will have my jacket for many trips to come, so I know the investment in these pieces will last for years. These are the items I’m strongly considering getting next:

Maddie Cardigan: There are four pockets in this cardigan, including one that is zippered. This would be a great option for more casual outings, or to wear underneath my jacket.






Women’s Trench Coat: There are definitely times where I wish I had a trench coat that would also carry more items. This would be a great option for business-type outings.






Margaux Yogaux Pants: Yoga pants with seven pockets?! Sign me up! These would be comfortable and practical.






If you are looking for travel clothing and outerwear that secures your valuables AND is comfortable, durable, and looks great, look no further than SCOTTeVEST!

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