Visit All Seven Continents

Goal 3: Visit All Seven Continents

Why World Travel on All Seven Continents is On Our Family’s Travel Bucket List

Planning our International Family Travel Adventure: What questions are we asking ourselves?


Our Progress on This Goal:

Mom and Dad = 4 continents (North America, Asia, Australia, Europe)

Son and Daughter = 2 continents (North America, Europe)


Highlights from Our International Destinations


Two Weeks in Italy and the French Riviera: A grand adventure to Italy and France with three kids in tow!

Five Amazing Nights in Florence with Kids: We experienced the history and culture of a beautiful city.

Four Fantastic Nights in Antibes France with Kids: We loved the relaxing waterfront and the fun activities.

Canyon Forest Parcours Aventures in Villeneuve-Loubet France

Four Fabulous Nights on Lake Como with Kids: Lake Como is as glamorous and beautiful as we imagined it would be!


Australia and New Zealand:

A Two-Week Adventure in Australia and New Zealand: A trip of a lifetime my husband and I took in 2002.

Four Nights in Victoria Australia: Our time on the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park.

Five Nights in Queensland Australia: Our time in Cairns, at the Great Barrier Reef, on the coast, and in the “Outback.”

Four Nights in New Zealand: Our time on the South Island, including Mount Cook National Park and Milford Sound.


North America:

Christmas Day in Boquillas del Carmen Mexico: A fun morning of exploring on the other side of the Rio Grande.