Experience As Many Zip Lines as Possible

Goal 5: Experience As Many Zip Lines as Possible Along the Way

Wherever our family goes, we have started trying to experience zip lines along the way. This page is where we centralize all of our zip line information, including more about why zip lines are on our family’s travel bucket list and our experiences at zip lines in the past few years.

Why Experiencing Zip Lines is On Our Family’s Travel Bucket List


Our Zip Line Reviews:

Zip Line Reviews – Our Rating System


Mall of America’s Dutchman’s Deck Adventure Course and Zip Line at Nickelodeon Universe

Brainerd Zip Line Tour in Nisswa, Minnesota

Kerfoot Canopy Tour in Henderson, Minnesota

Louisville Mega Cavern Mega Zips, Louisville Kentucky

Raven’s Rim Zip Line Adventure in Moab, Utah

Yosemite Zipline and Adventure Ranch in Mariposa, California

Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure, Cleveland Ohio

Canyon Forest Parcours Aventures in Villeneuve-Loubet France